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Eschatological Characteristics of the last days of the Age , not World

  Eschatological Characteristics of the last days of the Age , not World          


on going and future





"911" IN THE 21st CENTURY




Terrorism War Earthquakes Famine Pestilence


Confederacy of Nations

Summary of nations addressed in the end-times:

Psalm 83 - includes all, Syria and Iraq "Assyria", Jordan "Edom, Moab, Ammon", Arabia "Ishmaelites, Hagarites", Lebanon "People of Tyre" since Tyre was destroyed (Ezekiel 26). This was partly fulfilled in the Arab Israeli wars since these armies are a "confederacy" (v. 5), "consult together with one voice" (v. 3). All these are Muslim.

Ezekiel 30 - the nations of North Africa, including Egypt and Sudan in the time of the "Day of the Lord" - a clear reference to the end time destruction of Islamic nations.

Amos 1 - Syria (vs. 1-5), Gaza (v. 6), Lebanon (v. 9), Jordan "Teman" (v. 11), Iraq "Bozrah", Amman Jordan "Rabbah" (v. 14), "Gaza" (v. 6).

Amos 2 - Jordan "Moab"

Joel 3 - This is Armageddon (v. 2) which includes Egypt and Jordan (v. 19), Lebanon (v. 4). Why does Armageddon have Muslim nations by name?

Jeremiah 6 - Jeremiah speaks of Sheba (probably the area of modern Yemen.

Jeremiah 9 - Egypt, Edom, and Ammon

Jeremiah 25 - Moab

Jeremiah 48 - Moab and others.

Jeremiah 49-51 - The destruction of Babylonia, today's Arab world - Jordan, Syria "Damascus", Iraq "Bozrah", Saudi Arabia "Kedar", this includes past as well as a future outlook in end-times. Iran "Elam" (49 v. 37).

Obadiah 1 - "For the day of the LORD [is] near upon all the heathen" "Esau" "Edom" "Teman" - Jordan and the Arabs. Radicals

Ezekiel 25 - Jordan "Moab", Saudi Arabia "Teman, Dedan (v. 13)".

Ezekiel 27 - Lebanon "Tyre, Zidon, Gebal" (v. 9), Iran "Persia" and he adds Libya "Lud", and Phut (North Africa). This takes in middle Asia and North Africa (chapter 27:10,21), just as Ezekiel predicted in chapter 38.

Ezekiel 30 - The fall of the nations of North Africa, including Egypt, in the time of the "Day of the Lord" - a clear reference to the end time.

Ezekiel 35:12-15 (Edom, Jordan)

Daniel 11 - Egypt (verse 40)

Habbakuk 3 - "Teman" and "Paran" "Midian" are Saudi Arabia (center of Islam), and "Cushan" is Sudan (Cush). "God came from Teman, and the Holy One from mount Paran. Selah. His glory covered the heavens, and the earth was full of his praise." This is definitely Messianic pertaining to the second coming.

3:3-7, 12-16 ["He beheld, and drove asunder the nations [Midian]; and the everlasting hills [nations] did bow" (v. 6), "Thou didst thresh the heathen in anger" (v. 12)

Isaiah 11:14 - Jordan "Edom, Moab"

Isaiah 13 - "Behold, the day of the LORD cometh" (v. 9), For the stars of heaven and the constellations thereof shall not give their light" (v. 10), is end-times and includes Babylon (Iraq, Arabia, all Muslim).

Isaiah 14:24-27 - ("I will break the Assyrian [Iraq] in My land, and tread him underfoot"). Here Satan (Lucifer) is addressed as a man "They that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee, [and] consider thee, [saying, Is] this the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms" (Isaiah 14:16)

Isaiah 14:28-32 - (Philistia, Gaza) Muslim

Isaiah 15-16 - (Moab/Jordan) Muslim

Isaiah 17 - (Damascus, Syria) Muslim

Isaiah 18 - (Punishment of Sudan), 18:6 matches the birds feeding on the dead in Ezekiel 38/39 after the Sudanese (Cush Ezekiel 38:5).

Isaiah 19 - "Egypt will fear Judah" (v17), then Egypt will be healed.

Isaiah 21 - against Arabia (Kedar, Tema, and Dumah) The curses on Arabia "burden of the desert of the sea" (v. 1). Dumah is in Saudi Arabia near Yathrib in verse 11, today called "Dumat el-Jandal", also Kedar in verse 17. These prophecies find both historical and future fulfillment as well. "The glory of Kedar shall fail" (11-17). What other then  Mecca and Islam could the "glory of Kedar" be?

Isaiah 31 - "shall the LORD of hosts come down to fight for mount Zion, and for the hill thereof" is the end when Messiah fights "The Assyrian", "The Egyptians".

Isaiah 34:2-8 - (Edom, Jordan) note "it is the day of the Lord's vengeance, and the year of recompenses for the controversy of Zion" (v. 8).

Isaiah 63:1-6 - ("Who is this who comes from Edom (Jordan), with dyed [blood-stained] garments from Bozrah (Iraq)." This is definitely second coming of Messiah and these nations are Muslim.

Zechariah 9:1,2 - (Syria, Lebanon) Muslim, Lebanon is the heart of Hezbullah.

Zechariah 9:5 - (Gaza) Gaza is a Muslim city and the heart of Hammas.

Zechariah 10 - Syria, Iraq and Egypt's armies destroyed in Lebanon (v. 10)

Zechariah 12:2 - "I will make Jerusalem and Judah like an intoxicating drink to all the nearby nations that send their armies to besiege Jerusalem". All the nations "round about" (RSV) or "nearby nations" (NTL) "peoples around" (NASB), "surrounding peoples" (NKJV) Israel are all Muslim, regardless of which translation of the text one uses. Some say that the entire world's nations are around Israel for the use of the term "round about" only pertains to the fact that they surround the borders. Yet the verse is clearer when we see the usage in the continuation of the verse "that send their armies to besiege Jerusalem". So this understanding is flawed since it doesn't make sense that "surrounding armies" send "armies" to surround Jerusalem. The correct rendering of the verse then must be that these nations are nearby (round about) and send their armies to lay siege on Jerusalem. The Old Testament references to the nations "round about" are widespread, with over 50 references to these entities between Deuteronomy 6:14 and Zechariah 14:4. In passages where these are identified by name (e.g., Psalm 83), they are Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, the "Palestinians" of Gaza, the Bedouin PLO within Israel, Jordan (Moab/Edom/Ammon[the ancient name which Amman the capital of Jordan is derived from]) and Saudi Arabia.

Micah 5:1-6 - agrees with Isaiah 14 (Satan, Anti-Christ) in which the destruction of "the Assyrian" upon Israel's mountains is foretold, and that "(Israel) shall waste the land of Assyria with the sword" (v. 6).

  • 10 Kings
  • 10 Islamic Kingdoms 
  • Islamic Republic
  • Islamic Summit Tunisia
  • The Muslim Empire Ends


  • Put down 3 of the above Kings
  • Has eyes
  • Has a mouth that speaks
  • Shall speak words against the Most High
  • Shall wear out the saints of the Most High
  • Shall think to change the seasons and the law
  • Great appearance
  • Made war with the saints
  • The saints shall be given into his hand until time, times and half a time.
  • Prevailed against the saints until the Ancient of Days came, and judgment was given for the saints of the Most High (The God of Abraham , Isaac and Jacob), and the time came and the saints possessed the Kingdom.
Daniel 7, Revelation 13& 17, Jude 15 & 16